British road bridge hits record 20 times in 10 years

Last week, the bridge between Junction 7 (M6 J4) and Junction 6 (Birmingham Airport) of the British M42 motorway was hit twice in a week, causing severe damage to the bridge structure.

According to Highways England, the bridge is well above the minimum clearance requirements but has been hit more than 20 times in the past ten years. Engineers are considering solutions to ensure the safety of the bridge, which may require removing edge beams or dismantling the entire bridge.

The Role of Concrete water reducing Agents in Bridge Construction

Water-reducing agents can reduce the shrinkage rate of concrete, prevent cracks in concrete components, improve the durability and frost resistance of concrete, and are beneficial to winter construction.

Water-reducing agents can reduce water consumption during concrete mixing, improve the strength and durability of concrete, save cement consumption, and reduce project costs.

Water-reducing agents can improve the rheology and plasticity of concrete, make concrete construction easier, increase construction speed, and reduce construction energy consumption.

Water-reducing agents can also improve the impermeability and corrosion resistance of concrete, reduce air bubbles in concrete, and increase the compactness of concrete.


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