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Use Of Phosphor Powder

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Red phosphorus flame retardant is a non-halogen efficient flame retardant. Because red phosphorus will produce violent dehydration into charcoal when it is burned, it can effectively prevent burning and has a very effective flame retardant effect. It can be widely used for flame retardant rubber and plastic products. Phosphorus content in polymer materials up to 5% has self-extinguishing effect, which is much lower than other flame retardants.

In theory, red phosphorus flame retardants can be applied to most polymer materials, but because ordinary red phosphorus is easy to absorb moisture and has poor compatibility with polymer materials, it is particularly easy to cause spontaneous combustion and cannot be used in practice. In order to facilitate safe storage, transportation and use, colloidal red phosphorus and microencapsulated red phosphorus products have appeared successively.
These products solve the drawbacks of red phosphorus and have many advantages such as low smoke, high flame retardant efficiency, no dust pollution, and excellent processing performance. They are widely used for flame retardant materials rich in oxygen such as PET, PC, PBT, and PA.

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