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Future development prospects of blue label machine

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Future development prospects of blue label machine

The blue label machine is suitable for all kinds of demand dispensing industries, generally UV glue, silicon, EPOXY, red glue, silver glue, AB glue, COB black glue, conductive glue, heat dissipation aluminum paste, instant glue...etc. Used in the blue label machine. A few days ago, a relevant person in the dispenser industry: "The blue label machine technology has undergone earth-shaking changes in the past ten years. On the one hand, performance has improved, and on the other hand, the price has fallen. Therefore, more and more companies choose to order blue label machine to improve Productivity." At the same time, the current blue label machine in China still only has a "preliminary filling function."

An industry insider familiar with blue label machine told reporters that the current domestic application of blue label machine is mainly reflected in three major areas: manufacturing, national defense, and civilian products. In the manufacturing sector, there are mainly the following products as support. Firstly, electronic products, semiconductor mobile phones, computer casings, optical disc players, printers, and other dispensing products; secondly, system solutions to realize intelligent manufacturing of unmanned workshops and effectively improve the industry The level of automation, digitization, and intelligence. In general, the market prospects of blue label machine are still very impressive.

The blue label machine equipment market analyzes

The blue label machine is a widely-existing processing technology, and its application range is wide, ranging from the manufacture of airplanes and ships to the production of clothes and toys, and there will be corresponding dispensing needs. According to data, the market demand for dispensers in my country in 2012 was only 204,000 (including fully automatic and semi-automatic), and the market demand increased to 605,000 by 2019. China has become the world\'s leading producer of the blue label machine. Based on the production needs of precision processing, the blue label machine process has been widely used in communication electronics, LED lighting, automobiles, power supplies, solar photovoltaics, industrial electrical, and other industries.

In recent years, 3C electronics, semiconductors, and other industries have entered a period of rapid development and have become a new round of growth engines for the blue label machine market. In this wave, the 3C electronics industry has become a big stage for dispensing equipment. The data shows that in 2019, the scale of my country\'s 3C industry blue label machine equipment market was 1.085 billion yuan, and the annual compound growth rate from 2013 to 2019 reached about 36%. It is expected to reach 2 billion in 2020 and 4.2 billion in 2024. With the scale of the industry, the dispensing market has a bright future. At present, the development of the 3C electronics industry has reached a critical period of industrial transformation, and the requirements for refined and intelligent production have become increasingly stringent. How to improve equipment and technology has become a key factor for enterprises to win in the fierce market competition. For blue label machine, this means that only products with high speed, high precision, and high reliability can be favored by downstream customers.

The blue label machine development overview

With the widespread application of electronic glue, the application of blue label machine will become more extensive and diversified. At present, single-component dispensing technology is relatively mature, and its development direction is automation, high precision and intelligence. The blue label machine are widely used in the industry. In industrial production, dispensing is needed in many places, such as integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, color LCD screens, electronic components (such as relays, speakers), automotive parts, etc. Traditional glue dispensing is manually operated by workers. Manual dispensing has the disadvantages of complex operation, slow speed, low accuracy, error-prone, and the inability to operate complex graphics, and the inability to achieve production automation. It cannot meet the current market needs. The traditional blue label machine requires a customized special fixture and the product needs to be placed on the fixture to complete the next step of dispensing work. It has the characteristics of low efficiency and low precision, and can no longer adapt to the current high-precision, high-efficiency, high-quality and intelligent direction. develop.

The blue label machine market demand

Intelligent system is a new technology in the field of modern fluid technology control, and has become an important part of modern manufacturing production system. This is the visual system of the blue label machine, which acts on the human eye. And the automatic vision dispenser with "vision" function, vision has the function of the human eye. Generally speaking, the visual dispensing system includes a light source, a lens, a camera system, and an image acquisition and processing system. In the dispensing work, the dispensing machine with vision system is connected to the PC to work, and various working parameters can be adjusted at will, such as the amount of glue, the time of glue, and the editing of complex paths.

Applicable glue such as: silica gel, EMI conductive glue, UV glue, AB glue, quick-drying glue, epoxy glue, sealant, hot glue, grease, silver glue, red glue, solder paste, thermal paste, solder paste, transparent The main uses of various glues such as lacquer, epoxy resin, paint, ink, fluid, screw fixing agent, etc., such as: bonding, pouring, coating, sealing, filling, dripping, linear/arc/circular glue in the product process Wait. In addition, vertical blue label machine are generally used where assembly lines or larger products are required.

The promotion and application of blue label machine has become an important development plan in the national development plan. Dispenser is listed as a key supporting technology because it involves national security, national defense construction, high-tech industrialization and cutting-edge development of science and technology. This brings the dispenser to a high degree of importance and will give the dispenser The manufacturing and upgrading of the company brings great business opportunities. The downstream industry of the dispenser has replaced manual operations in equipment applications, which not only improves work efficiency, but also improves the completeness of product quality.

The application areas of blue label machine are also expanding and extending. It can be said that almost all glue-related industries can be applied to dispensing equipment. When the industry needs to replace manual operations and improve product quality, it will introduce dispensing and filling equipment, and a new high demand point for dispensing machines will come.

The blue label machine market application

It is expected that with the strengthening of the country\'s investment in railways, highways, airports, docks, and urban public infrastructure projects, the domestic market\'s market demand for engineering dispenser products will increase. Although this year\'s output growth rate will be lower than last year, the engineering blue label machine industry will maintain a moderate growth throughout the year.    

Judging from the current development prospects of major instrument products, it is expected that the market demand for investment instruments will increase. Driven by the reform of the housing system, it is expected that the demand for various water meters and electric meters will gradually stabilize, and optical instruments and consumer instruments will continue to maintain the current growth trend, with an annual output increase of about 5%.

The market demand for blue label machine is constantly increasing, and the applicable industries are also increasing. Judging from the overall situation of the current national economic development and the growth potential of the blue label machine industry, the development of the blue label machine industry faces challenges and many opportunities.

The blue label machine supplier

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