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What's wrong with your feet?

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Maybe you started wearing shoes at home because you don't want to track dirt on a clean carpet or floor, or perhaps get rid of them.
Removing shoes inside the home is also a common practice in Asian and Middle Eastern countries and families. However, if you take them off regularly, mainly because you are concerned that harmful bacteria from the outside world will enter and make you sick, you can relax.
Experts say these concerns are exaggerated. They add that people often overlook the more pressing health risks.
What's wrong with your feet?
Charles P. Gerba, a professor and microbiologist at the University of Arizona, studied the types and types of bacteria remaining on the bottom of shoes.
In 2008, researchers tracked 10 participants wearing new shoes for two weeks and found that coliform bacteria such as E. coli are prevalent on the outside of the boots. E. coli is known to cause intestinal and urinary tract infections and diseases such as meningitis.
"Our research has also shown that bacteria can be tracked over long distances of shoes to your home or personal space," Mr. Gerber said in a statement.
The study, which was not published in a peer-reviewed journal, involved a limited number of participants and was supported by shoe company Rockport, which is testing machine-washable shoes. )
Mr. Geba said in an interview this month that the findings of this study have even changed some of his behavior: "This prevents me from putting my feet on the table."

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