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TIMKEN bearing precision machinery products

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TIMKEN bearing precision machinery products
TIMKEN super-precision ball bearings are designed to meet the high-speed, precision and hardness requirements of high-demand machine tools. These bearings can be produced with a supply difference of ABEC-7 to ABEC-9, the highest precision standard recognized by the ball bearing industry.
Most super-precision ball bearings have a contact angle of 15° to 25° to accommodate different combinations of radial and axial loads. Special groove treatment and ball bearing design can obtain the highest possible working speed.
Hybrid ceramic bearings are available with steel ceramics and ceramic balls to suit high-speed and other demanding applications.
Ball screw support bearings are supplied as a complete set, with a 60° contact angle and maximum ball compensation, suitable for the high load and axial hardness requirements of most precision tool positioning.
For the width tolerance, roundness, perpendicularity, taper, axial runout and radial runout of the precision bearings, the parameters that are not defined by ISO/ABEC are also added to the customer, including preload tolerances and functional tests, Traceability & micron code, cleanliness, raceway curvature, ball grade, and roundness, surface finishing (functional & non-functional surface), steel specifications, cage trimming, and design and installation chamfering, etc. The definition of these parameters improves the quality of Timken's precision angular contact ball-bearing products, thereby improving the machine tool spindle's performance.

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