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Advantages of steel file cabinet compared with wood file cabinet

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File cabinet is divided into a steel file cabinet, wooden file cabinet, and plastic file cabinet from the material, but which is more suitable for office use? Let's talk about the advantages of steel filing cabinet today

1、 Performance advantages
Compared with the wooden file cabinet, the steel file cabinet has more benefits in fire protection, moisture-proof, fastness, and environmental protection. The steel file cabinet is made of cold-rolled steel plate with modern technology, and its surface is coated with electrostatic powder after phosphating water washing, which makes the file cabinet more durable and moisture-proof and fire-proof

2、 Design advantages
Although the design of modern office furniture has been changing, the simple straight-line design of the steel filing cabinet will not fall behind in a few years. At the same time, it does not contain industrial glue and other chemical raw materials, so users do not have to worry about formaldehyde, making the filing cabinet more healthy and environmental protection. Although there are many kinds of wooden filing cabinets in the current filing cabinets, and the design of the wood filing cabinets is also perfect, but because of the performance defects and people's aesthetic transformation of the home, I believe that shortly, through the development of technology, steel furniture will replace wood furniture and become the leader in office and home furnishings.

3、 Low manufacturing cost
The production cost of the steel filing cabinet is much lower than that of the wood filing cabinet, and the service life of steel filing cabinet is much longer than that of a wood filing cabinet, which also saves more space.

4, environmental protection
Nowadays, environmental protection has become a trend, so to improve the environment, many of the items using wood are not used as much as possible, so most of the steel filing cabinets have replaced the wooden filing cabinets.

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