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A Fatal Cause of Making Motor's Overheating

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Although the structure of the motor seems simple, it is also straightforward to cause severe losses in mechanical failure. In the complete mechanical failure of the motor structure, the most likely failure is the motor bearing failure, most of which are caused by the motor bearing heating. Once the motor bearing has a heating fault, the light will cause the motor grease to melt and overflow, and the heavy will cause the fat to burn, which will directly cause the motor bearing to burn. Therefore, taking fault detection is also very important in the use of the engine.
Generally, the inspection of bearings should be carried out under the astigmatic light, and the appearance, cracks, and other parts of the bearings should be carefully observed. There are many reasons for motor bearing damage, such as:
1. If the steel ball is not round or damaged due to fracture, if it is not strictly inspected after maintenance, or if there is no waterproof ring installed during assembly, the outer ring of the motor bearing will be destroyed and cracked, which will cause the motor bearing to suffer friction loss and generate heat.
2. The motor bearing is improperly assembled. For example, in the process of bearing cold assembly, the bearing wear caused by not hitting the inner ring evenly leads to the loss of the original interference between the inner circle of the bearing and the bearing of the motor or the reduction of the intervention, resulting in the phenomenon of running the inner ring; in the process of motor cover end assembly, the bearing chamber at the cover end and the outer ring of the bearing are not matched loosely due to not hitting the outer ring evenly, resulting in The phenomenon of bearing running out of outer ring.
3. There are foreign matters or unclean grease in the motor bearing room. For example, there is a small rigid material in the bearing cage, which causes the damage of the bearing raceway and the temperature rise during the operation of the motor, resulting in the burning of the motor bearing.
Therefore, to better ensure the working performance of the motor and extend its service life, it is essential to carry out appropriate maintenance and check the engine. As a large part of the motor, the support and check of the bearing are the most important.

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