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Introduction of the best smart water bottle

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Today many products around us have gradually become more smart, which has caused a significant change in our quality of life. From necessities such as smart phones to label printers in the home, the cups we usually use to drink water have changed to the best smart water bottle.

A research study has shown that a person weighing 70 kg loses about 2% of his body's water per hour on average, and this number becomes even greater during strenuous activities. When a person's body fluid content declines so that the normal physiological functions are exerted, a thirst sensation occurs, and at this time is already in a state of dehydration.So when you feel thirsty and drink water, your body is already dehydrated. Over time, this is bad for the health.
Of course we all know that we need to drink water, but we often forget to drink water. So what can we do to solve the problem of forgetting to drink water?
We are busy at work every day and need a smart water bottle, a water bottle that can remind me at any time to avoid forgetting to drink water because of busy work, it is best to help us record drinking behavior, and the best smart water bottle It just happens to be a smart drinking cup to solve the "not smart drinking water" problem.

1. Drinking water reminder is a basic responsibility to smart water bottle.

Although the appearance of the best smart water bottle is not much different from a normal drinking thermos, the real technology is reflected on the screen of the smart water bottle. By directly displaying (reminding) the amount of water we drink every day, After drinking a cup, showing a cup amount is simple and straightforward at a glance.
The smart water bottle only has the function of drinking water reminder, that is definitely not enough. The  smart water bottle also has a smart water algorithm, which can urge you to drink water by means of sound reminders. If you have not held the water cup for a long time to drink water, then the water cup will remind you by the sound of drops, remember to add water.
In addition, if you use it with the APP, you can also push messages to remind you to drink water. With the best smart water bottle around you, it is difficult to forget to drink water!

2. Double-layer heat-insulated, three-color warning for anti-scalding mouth.

For people who like to drink hot water, the best smart water bottle has its unique considerations. The most feared of ordinary water cups when drinking hot water is that hot water will burn your hands and mouth, and the best smart water bottles will use double-layer and heat-insulated glass as bottle body, and it can ensure that we do not get hot in the hot water.
The built-in temperature sensing module reminds you to display the water temperature through the red, orange, and blue three-color indicator lights. The color labels are used to prevent hot mouth. With the APP, it can also accurately display the water temperature, allowing you to calmly drink a cup of warm water.

3. Exclusive APP, belongs to your own drinking water record health management expert.

Smart water bottle usually has a dedicated APP. After downloading and installing the APP on the box, first register and log in. At this time, the APP will suggest our daily suitable water consumption based on basic information such as our height and weight, and then pass After Bluetooth wireless connection to the water cup, you can synchronize the drinking water data. We can view the daily drinking data in more detail and intuitively, and be a clear “drinker”.
In addition, we can also record data such as diet and exercise. In conjunction with drinking water data, we can obtain complete physical health data of our own. With less data, we can understand abnormal indicators and prevent physical discomfort early.


For the traditional drinking cup without drinking reminders and not being recorded, the smart water bottle adds simple and intuitive drinking reminders and complete recorded intelligent analysis functions to make forgetting to drink water a thing of the past and make drinking water no longer boring. Maintaining good health starts with drinking water with the best smart water bottle.

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