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Buyer Guide of The Best Label Makers

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There are currently two types of label makers on the market, thermal label makers and thermal transfer label makers.

Thermal label makers use thermal paper labels to print black text, barcodes, and images. Labels printed with this kind of label makers will not fade until 6 to 12 months, unless exposed to direct sunlight.
Thermal transfer label makers use plain paper or synthetic labels to print permanent patterns with ribbon. Most thermal transfer label makers also support thermal printing. Thermal transfer technology can be used to print on a variety of materials.
Thermal label makers are commonly used to print shipping labels, sorting labels, receipts, and other commonly used print jobs. Generally speaking, the cost of thermal labels is higher than thermal transfer paper labels.
The best label makers allow you to design and print different fonts on different types of materials. Different types of label makers can print labels of varying quality and resolution.


Basic performance of label printer:

1. Printing width. It indicates the maximum width that the machine can print, and it also represents the level of the machine. Generally speaking, there are seven choices of printing width: 3 inches to 8 inches. The printing width is the determinant of the printer.
2. Printing accuracy. The higher the accuracy of the printer is, the clearer the printing is. The highest printing accuracy is now 600dpi. And 203dpi or 300dpi can meet the daily needs. There is no need for users to pursue high printing accuracy and invest excessive costs.
3. Printing speed. Fast speed is the biggest advantage of label printers over ordinary printers. Its speed can reach 12 inches / second. For the same machine, the faster the speed, the lower the accuracy. So the user must adjust the machine by himself to achieve the perfect combination of speed and accuracy.
4. Interface. Generally parallel port and serial port are standard accessories for label printers. In addition, users can also purchase peripherals such as flash memory cards.
5. Others. For label makers to meet the user's requirements, various manufacturers have designed many optional accessories: cutters, peelers, paper holders, etc. Users can choose according to their own requirements.

Pay attention to the following points when purchasing a label maker.

1. Choose the model based on the print quantity of the label printer. If your label demand does not exceed 4,000 sheets a day, it is recommended that you purchase a general commercial (some commonly known as office) label printer. This type of label printer has a small paper capacity and ribbon capacity, and the overall shape of the product is small and exquisite. It can be placed in the office, occupying no area, and the printer effect and printer quality can meet the needs, such as the Brother QL-700 High-Speed Professional Label Printer.
2. Select the model according to the quality requirements of the label printer. There is no doubt that better quality label printers are more popular.
3. Choose the model according to the software requirements. At present, most label makers on the market can only use one printer language, and they can only use their own printer commands. They are not compatible with each other. If you consider the language when purchasing. Compatible, can greatly improve the use of label printers.
4. Choose a brand that can provide a full service. In fact, what consumers need is whether the technical support or after-sales service and supporting related products of this product can be completely provided.

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