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Foam Concrete Is a better best ground Heating Insulation material

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The lowest ground of floor heating can prevent warmness from moving down, and make warmth transfer up in a single direction, that could store heat. Consequently, the insulation layer must have a superb insulation effect. Floor heating insulation must additionally have a particular strength to face up to the top load, and further, the floor heating insulation layer also performs a role in fixing water pipes. The high-quality of the thermal insulation layer directly affects the pleasure of the entire thermal engineering. So, the fabric of the floor heating insulation layer is taken seriously through an increasing number of professional personage inside the route of look at. There are primary materials within the marketplace, one is polystyrene foam board, and the alternative is foam concrete.

 better quality floor heating insulation material

1. The benzene board

The thermal conductivity of the benzene plate is zero.041/w(m.ok), which has a first-rate thermal insulation effect and is a really perfect thermal insulation cloth for floor heating. however, the benzene plate has subsequent hazards :

(1) It is easy to be compressed and deformed. Below the action of concrete dead weight and static and dynamic load, the benzene plate is simple to be compressed and distorted.

(2) Deformation resulting from fatigue power. The designed service life of floor heating is numerous for a long time. Within the long-term use manner, the dynamic load of the ground will produce fatigue electricity to the benzene plate. The bearing potential of the benzene plate decreases, the deformation is similarly multiplied, and the floor will sag for that reason.

(3) growth of thermal conductivity. Because of the compression deformation of the benzene plate, its density increases, so the thermal conductivity may also rise. Insulation will also lower.

2.Foam concrete insulation layer

Foam concrete is every other insulation fabric after the benzene board. Foaming cement used in-floor heating, widespread bulk weight 350 ~ 450kg/m3, thermal conductivity zero.087w /m.ok, the content, not simplest has the blessings of high compressive energy, low thermal conductivity, solid chemical overall performance, environmental protection, no deformation, and leveling layer and thermal insulation layer in one, speedy production, low price, is one of the first-rate desire of floor heating insulation layer. In assessment,foam concrete has extra benefits than the benzene board. This paper will focus attention on the performance characteristics and production application of foam concrete.

Foam concrete is a better quality floor heating insulation material

(1) warmness insulation

The thermal conductivity turned into among zero.05 and zero.15Kcal/mh℃. Heating insulation approach that the warmth pipe moves as much as facilitating the discharge of warmth in the designated course.

(2) light-weight

The density is 350 ~ 450kg/m3 that could reduce the weight of the building.

(3) Sound insulation

Because the frequency of the benzene board is too low, a person on the floor will produce a hollow sound foam cement due to the several independent bubbles fashioned by using the porous, so the sound absorption effect is five times higher than the general concrete and immune to vibration.

(4) handy creation, excessive-efficiency

Foam concrete is a liquid transported by high stress mechanical, foam concrete slurry dispersion; mobility is perfect, suitable for improvement and irrigation, production saves manpower and material assets, the surface after solidification is easy and clean, production velocity is fast: every shift may be production 3000 ~ 4000 rectangular meters, saving production duration. The benzene plate laying technology is cumbersome, fixed pipe u-shaped nail clean to pop out, need PE aluminum movie, and wire mesh.

(5) It has a particular compressive power

Foam concrete has first-rate compressive power: whilst the density is 350kg/m3, the 7-day compressive energy is 6kg/cm2. Oneself have sure intensity, have the bearing impact that helps ground heating tube material and floor, due to it has a sure depth, no longer smooth be out of form, the field that may keep away from using benzene board to shape cracks, make indoor ground level, clean and smooth.

(6) excellent integrity

Foam concrete, ground shape layer, and heating filling layer are all concrete products on the material, with amazing common overall performance, and overcome the empty drum phenomenon of the ground heating insulation layer of the benzene board. However, the benzene plate material in the lengthy-term use (along with after heating) smooth deformation affects the integrity of the shape.

(7) Environmental protection

Traditional benzene board substances have a peculiar odor, containing dangerous, volatile fitness, clean to supply chemical pollution, high temperature is comfortable to decompose poisonous components; phrases used inside the concrete foaming agent for concrete for plant sex protein fibers and animal protein, non-toxic harmless completely overcomes the downside of this element.

Foam concrete is a better quality insulation material

(8) correct adhesion

Foam concrete and the ground shape layer are concrete merchandise, which has extraordinary adhesion with the floor and also can leveling the ground. But, the benzene board and the tale are two substances that cannot be well blended, so the shape layer is affected, and the floor structure layer desires to be leveled earlier than laying the benzene board.

(9) economy

Because of the construction of the use of mechanical pipeline delivery correctly, keep the group of workers, materials handiest water, cement, bubble agent, significantly keep the cost of the assignment.

(10) long-term impact

Benzene plate herbal growing older, the shelf lifestyles of 6 years, typically after one-12 months deformation, ground subsidence or cracks, deformation at 60℃ immediately getting old; foam concrete insulation has high balance and anti-aging overall performance, which could effectively guarantee the leveling of the indoor floor and no cracking.

Its service lifestyles are five ~ 10 times of benzene board; it and concrete have the same service lifestyles.

(11) fireplace resistance

Benzene plate clean to burn, fire melting, and burning to release toxic objects; foam concrete is an inorganic material, if you want to burn now not and has the proper quantity of fireplace resistance. It is able to be used on buildings to improve the overall fireproof performance of buildings.

(12) Water absorption and moisture resistance

Foam concrete has deficient water absorption, due to the fact it's miles a closed-hollow structure, within the wet state within the center of the plate, after some months is still absolutely dry and preserve its dry nation of electricity, then the normal floor anti-seepage enhancement of extra than six instances.

(13) necessities for filling layer

Due to the fact, the benzene plate is tender and easy to compression deformation, so the filling layer needs to be thickened, extra than 40mm; in any other case, it'll fracture; Foam concrete is included with the filling layer, which has excessive normal power. Consequently, the thickness of the filling layer best desires 30 ~ 40mm.

Foam concrete suggests remarkable advantages in future marketplace opposition with its unique overall performance. Specifically, with the strengthening and implementation of power conservation and environmental protection rules, its benefits are more distinguished in ecological safety and energy conservation. foam concretewill increase closer to high power, light-weight, composite, and energy saving.

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