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Dialogue on the manufacturing troubles of foam Concrete

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Foam concrete  is a chemical or bodily approach that introduces air or nitrogen, carbon dioxide gasoline, oxygen, and different gases into the concrete slurry in keeping with the utility necessities. After reasonable curing, it bureaucracy a huge range of small closed pores and has full-size electricity. Concrete merchandise. This article discusses the physical manufacturing of froth concrete, and the principle is that the foaming agent and water are combined into a foaming answer in a specific share, that's foamed via a concrete foam gadget. Then the foam is brought to cement, blended with pulverized coal. Within the mud manufactured from ash or other substances, a cement slurry containing a big number of closed pores is prepared through stirring, and after specific curing molding, a lightweight concrete product is eventually formed.

Foam concrete merchandise has the blessings of lightweight, warm insulation, fireplace resistance, convenient creation, and many others. Due to the huge variety of small micro-bubbles, the density of lightweight concrete products is small, and the density is regularly three hundred-1200kg/m3. which usually reduces the self-weight of concrete merchandise. 25% or so; at the equal time, a massive wide variety of closed microbubbles, with appropriate thermal performance, with thermal insulation, its thermal resistance is set ten times that of ordinary concrete, so foam concrete as a great constructing insulation cloth A extensive range of programs.

Discussion on The Production Problems of Foam Concrete


via the statement of the foam concrete production procedure, the following issues mainly exist inside the lightweight concrete blending:

(1) Foam and gelling material mixing trouble

Foam concrete with a density of about two hundred-300kg/m3. the overall quantity of foam can account for 70%-eighty% of froth concrete, at the same time as cement and other cementitious materials have high density and small foam density, and the density of the two varies substantially. It's going to glide at the aqueous solution of the cementitious material, and the two will not be without difficulty combined.

(2) mixture and slurry separation hassle

While making some unique foam concrete products, it's far necessary to add a certain quantity of aggregates in foam concrete, which includes EPS particles, ceramic particles, perlite, and other materials. Those aggregates are small in density, brittle, and hard to be combined with cement slurry. Blending, if it's far unevenly blended with the cement slurry or the amount is distinctive, the aggregate and cement slurry will produce segregation throughout the mixing process or the following conveying manner, ensuing in negative concrete energy or even scrap.

(3) Bubble breakage trouble

A key point within the manufacturing of foam concrete is the right application of froth. Most effective wealthy, and sensitive foam may be used to make extremely good Foam concrete. However, in real manufacturing, similarly to the foam first-class of the foam, the foam might be blended with the concrete slurry. The stirring action destroys it, so the time that the foam participates within the stirring needs to be strictly managed. If the stirring time is brief, the froth and the dust aren't sufficiently blended, the stirring time is lengthy, the froth loss is large, the concrete collapses seriously, and the density of the concrete product cannot be assured.

(4) Mixer wall infection trouble

As compared with normal concrete mixing, foam concrete is more likely to paste to the wall. There's a useless angle between the combination arm and the integration drum within the mixing system, the light fabric throws the sticky wall, the host discharge is insufficient, and the mud remains agglomerated. After a period of accumulation, it will likely be focused on the dust inside the water level, and it will effortlessly sink and cause the bottom foam to rupture and purpose the crumble phenomenon after pouring.

Foaming agent

2 remedy plan

After a long-term exploration of Foam concrete manufacturing, summed up the revel in and training, in case you want to combine exquisite foam concrete, you want to test from the subsequent points:

(1) choosing the proper mixing equipment

The maximum of the froth blending system in the marketplace uses a horizontal mixer, and the horizontal mixer is divided into an unmarried-shaft mixer and a two-shaft horizontal mixer. The unmarried-shaft mixer stirs smoothly, the foam isn't clean to interrupt, but the mixing velocity is gradual, and the stirring efficiency is low; the mixing velocity of the integration substances of the twin-shaft mixer is speedy, the stirring efficiency is high, but the stirring is exceedingly intense, and the froth breakage fee is high. The two mixing primary engines have their characteristics. Considering the production performance problem, the dual-shaft mixing important gadget is chosen. To decrease the harm to the foam, it's far essential to choose a suitable stirring velocity for the twin-shaft mixing and configure the inverter for the equipment. The frequency conversion of the stirring speed is validated by way of exercise. When the stirring pace of the principle gadget is about 25r/min, the concrete may be stirred.

(2) The internal shape of the mixer

In the real production procedure of the froth, at an early level, the cementing material is mixed with water. The cloth of the stirring stage is characterized by means of satisfactory and vicious, sturdy, cohesive pressure and tough to disperse; then the froth is delivered to the froth concrete blending degree, and in the meantime of adding the froth, because of the low foam density and sturdy buoyancy, it is hard to mix with the viscous cement slurry, so the mixer is required to force the kneading action. The inner structure of the mixer producing foam concrete has to be one of a kind from the normal concrete mixer. It's far essential to set up the position and angle of the mixing arm moderately so that the mixing pressure is in particular based on the combination, taking into account the cutting, no longer simplest making the cement slurry and the froth calmly combined but also decreasing the cement. With the slurry and the slurry, the dual-shaft mixer has advantages in phrases of mixing performance and more advantageous mixing. On the same time, the inner structure of the mixer is to keep away from the trouble of dip. The gap between the combination arm and the mixing drum needs to be as small as possible. The bucket door should be designed at the lowest factor of the integration drum, and the dimensions should be moderate. Due to the fact the fluidity of the foam concrete is higher, the bucket door is too. The small membership will leave more lifeless ends, and it will take a whole lot of attempts to seal the door.

(3) Feeding series

Thru actual manufacturing, it is also located that the order of material addition has a first-rate impact on the stimulating impact. If cement is delivered first, or water and cement are added on the equal time, it is simple to motive agglomeration, slurry or pulp, due to the fact cement and different gelation whilst the cloth is in a semi-dry nation, the opportunity of having on the mixing drum or the stirring arm is greatly advanced. It's far more tough to stir it evenly, and the uniformity of the cement slurry itself is deteriorated, thereby affecting the lightness of the next step and stirring manufacturing of best concrete. In line with the experience of on-website mixing, upload a certain amount of water according to the ratio, after which upload cement, fly ash additive, etc., after which add foamed foam after mixing flippantly, so that it isn't always clean to produce agglomeration, and the combination velocity of foam and dirt rapid, the mixing efficiency is likewise very high.

(4) selection of the foaming agent

In addition to the above factors, stirring extremely good foam concrete requires appropriate foam stability, so select an amazing foaming agent. Even though the foaming agent is used less for different materials, it's miles produced. The important thing hyperlink of foam concrete. The foam produced via the good satisfactory foaming agent has a tough liquid movie and appropriate mechanical energy and isn't without difficulty damaged or excessively deformed beneath the squeeze of the slurry. Except, it has self-water retention, and the moisture on the liquid film isn't easily lost under the movement of gravity and surface tension. The thickness and integrity of the foam liquid film can be maintained for a long time in order that the foam can be broken for a long time. At the equal time, the liquid film isn't always effortlessly damaged within the slurry frame, and it is hard to shape a conversation hollow. Except, the cementitious fabric is the principal source of foam concrete electricity. The froth obtained via a few foaming sellers has a high-quality balance. Nonetheless, after adding the cementing cloth, it's going to reduce the energy of the concrete or even lose the strength, so it is also important to use the prepared foam. The foaming agent does not adversely affect the cementitious cloth.

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