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Choosing the right cement foaming agent is very important

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1. Fully understand the kind of cement foaming agent

Different styles of cement foaming dealers have extraordinary foaming powers, and foam stability is not identical, so there are positive barriers within the use technique.

2. Master the technical indicators of cement foaming agent carefully

The indicators to measure the quality of cement foaming agents mainly include foaming power, foam toughness, and bleeding.

The foaming strength displays the foaming ability of the foaming liquid, which may be expressed via the foaming height and the foaming more than one. The better the foaming peak and the bigger the foaming a couple of, the more potent the foaming power of the cement foaming agent.

3. Conscientiously understand the use of cement foaming agent

Cement foaming agent commonly has large attention, and it needs to be diluted with a positive proportion of water to form a foaming liquid, after which foamed from the foaming liquid to foam. The concentration of the foaming liquid is intently related to the foaming impact. Affecting the foaming impact, best an appropriate concentration will get a high foaming thing and first-rate foam.

The effect of the concrete foaming agent on the quality of foamed concrete is extremely critical. The correct cement foaming agent can produce high-quality, foamed concrete. There are many types of cement blowing agents. We focus on the types and application fields of glue chemical blowing agents.

Lightweight concrete high-performance foaming agent method

First of all, the more uniform the foam, the better the foam diameter should be the same size.

The narrower the pore size distribution, the better. That is to say, the pore size needs to be as consistent as possible, and the difference should not be too large. The corresponding requirement is that the foam should be uniform and different in size. The bubble diameter of the foam cannot be the same but should be similar. The range of bubble diameter should be as small as possible, and the difference between the maximum bubble diameter and the minimum bubble diameter should not be too large. The pores formed by the foam are uniform, which can prevent the compressive stress from concentrating on the giant cells and reduce the compressive strength. If the size of the foam is uneven and the weight is concentrated on huge bubbles, it is easy to cause the foam to become a weak link, and it will first burst under pressure.

2. The higher the foam stability, the longer the stability, the better the stability

The foam with excellent stability has a hard liquid film and good mechanical strength, and it is not easy to excessively break or deform under the extrusion of the slurry. In addition, it has self-water retention, and the water on the liquid film is not easily lost under the action of gravity and surface tension. It can maintain the thickness and integrity of the foam liquid film for a long time so that the foam can be maintained for a long time without breaking.

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