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Introduction to the cuisine of Bhutan


Introduction to the cuisine of Bhutan

It is said that Tibet is the land of paradise, then when you come to Bhutan, you will understand what real paradise is. Although it has the same purpose as Tibet, the atmosphere here does make you cleaner than in Tibet. The air and time here seem that they are still. When you come to Bhutan, you must feel this natural and harmonious state. Of course, you can't miss the temptation of delicious food. The following editor will introduce you to the special food of Bhutan.

Butter Milk Tea

Since Bhutan borders Tibet, the diet of Bhutan is basically the same as that of Tibet. For example, they all like to drink butter tea. Everyone who has been to Tibet has drunk butter tea, which is a special drink in Tibet. In Bhutan, Butter tea is also a local specialty drink. Because of the special geographical environment, people like to drink butter tea whether in Tibet or Bhutan. Ghee tea is made of ghee and strong tea. The taste is salty. When making it, put ghee into a special bucket first, then add some salt, and then pour the boiled strong tea juice into the ghee, and repeat. Stir until the ghee and the tea juice are integrated and creamy, and the ghee tea is ready.

Chili Cheese

When you go to Bhutan, you will also find a phenomenon. Almost every Bhutanese has a lot of chili-like food, and many dishes are made of chili when they eat because Bhutanese like to eat chili very much. No less than in Sichuan and other places in our country, when you come to Bhutan, you will first be recommended to eat Bhutan's national dish - chili cheese. It is hard to imagine that chili can also become a national dish. After all, in my country, chili It's just a side dish, which is also affected by the geographical environment of Bhutan. The products here are not rich, and chili has become the main dish here. Bhutanese are also fond of spicy food. There will be peppers, and the annual production of peppers is also very large.

Bhutanese eating chili is almost like eating, so friends who like spicy food come to Bhutan, and they also come to the food paradise. Chili cheese is a very delicious dish, although it does not look like a dish, chili cheese is a combination of chili peppers. Stew it with cheese, and then stew the peppers until soft and rotten, and the color of the whole dish has turned scarlet. Although it doesn't look very delicious, it still tastes very good. The milky flavor of the cheese adds to The aroma of chili peppers and the two extreme tastes together can be so delicious, so when you come to Bhutan to eat, you will have a feeling of eating in Sichuan, the smell of chili peppers is everywhere, and every dish is spicy of.

Stewed Radishes with Fat Pork

In addition to chili, which is a common dish for Bhutanese, stewed radish with fatty pork is also a common dish on the table of Bhutanese. This dish can be said to be very similar to Chinese food, and the chili in this dish is relatively less. , In addition to eating peppers, Bhutanese also like to eat fatty pork and cured meat, and these foods are high-calorie foods, which are also related to the local climate. After all, it is at the foot of the Himalayas, so the temperature will not be very high. , you will need this high-calorie food, so if you like chili, fatty and cured meat, then coming to Bhutan is really a food paradise.

Stewed Radishes with Fat Pork

Stewed radish with fatty pork also looks a bit like Indian food. The whole dish is yellowish in color. The radish can remove the greasy taste of fat, so the whole dish is not greasy, and the taste is still very good, with a touch of salty and spicy taste. It is very in line with the taste of oriental people. When you eat this dish, you must eat it with the local staple food. Overall, it is still delicious.

Red rice

The staple food of Bhutanese is red rice, which is light brown red rice. This kind of rice also belongs to brown rice. It basically grows on plateau land. If you cook with red rice alone, the taste will be too rough, so some white rice is usually added. , steamed together, the red rice made is light red, and the taste will be much better, and it is the most suitable with chili cheese.

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