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How can Nano Silica change the properties of coatings

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Nano silica has lots of properties that traditional materials do not have. The fragment dimension circulation of nano silica is very narrow, a lot of which are within 100 nm, with several micropores and also large specific area. There are not just a great deal of unsaturated recurring bonds as well as hydroxyl groups in various bonding states on its surface, so it has high reaction activity. In regards to optical properties, nano-silica reveals high representation buildings to both ultraviolet and also noticeable light.

Just how can Nano Silica change the buildings of layers?

Modification of Waterborne Coatings

Prior to adding: inadequate water resistance, bad security, high rust to devices, and so on.

After addition: improve the scrubbing resistance, stability, deterioration resistance and also various other residential or commercial properties of the finishing, and can provide it antibacterial, self-cleaning and also other impacts.

Modification of wall finish

Prior to adding: no sun resistance, no water resistance, instability, inadequate bond, etc.

After addition: it can boost the storage space stability, water resistance and sun resistance of the finishing, improve the thixotropy of the coating, and successfully regulate the spatter, flow dangling and also various other sensations in the construction.

Adjustment of acrylic resin paint

Before including: inadequate mechanical residential properties, use resistance, solidity, adaptability, and so on.

After enhancement: the mechanical properties, tensile toughness, solidity, scrubbing resistance as well as adaptability of the film are boosted, the film is a lot more fragile as well as smoother, has a far better coating, and also enhances the ornamental efficiency.

Modification of varnish

Before addition: the firmness of the film is low, the warm resistance is inadequate, as well as it is easy to turn yellow under the action of ultraviolet light.

After enhancement: hard wear resistance, strong attachment, as well as has dampness resistance, dampness resistance, chemical rust resistance, and so on.

Nano Silica Price

The cost is influenced by lots of factors consisting of the supply and need in the marketplace, market trends, financial activity, market view, and unexpected occasions.

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