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Aluminum Oxide Used for lithium battery Diaphragm

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What is ceramic diaphragm?

Ceramic coating unique diaphragm: With PP, PE or multi-layer composite diaphragm as the matrix, the surface area is coated with a layer of nano-sized light weight aluminum oxide product, which is carefully bonded to the substratum after special process therapy. It can significantly boost the heat resistance and safety of lithium-ion batteries. Ceramic covered unique diaphragm is particularly appropriate for power batteries.

Needs for diaphragms for lithium-ion batteries:

The performance of the diaphragm determines the interior resistance as well as interface framework of the battery, and afterwards figures out the battery capability, security efficiency, charge and also discharge density as well as cycle performance.

Consequently, the adhering to characteristics require to be met:

Good chemical stability: resistance to organic solvents.

Excellent mechanical buildings: high tensile toughness and high slit strength.

Great thermal security: reduced thermal shrinkage and also high film breaking temperature.

Electrolyte wettability: good compatibility with electrolyte and high fluid absorption rate.

As a kind of inorganic material, aluminum oxide has high thermal stability and chemical inertia, so it is a good choice for battery diaphragm ceramic finishing.

Efficiency demands of ceramic diaphragm for alumina:

1. The particle dimension is uniform, which can be well glued to the diaphragm without blocking the diaphragm aperture.

2. Alumina has high purity and can not introduce pollutants, which affects the interior setting of the battery.

3. The demand of crystal structure of alumina ensures the compatibility and wettability of alumina to electrolyte.

Advantages of covering alumina diaphragm:

High temperature resistance:

Alumina finishing has exceptional heat resistance and can maintain the intact form of the diaphragm over 180 degrees Celsius.

High security:

The alumina finishing can reduce the effects of the cost-free HF in the electrolyte as well as improve the acid resistance and safety and security of the battery.

High magnification:

Nano-alumina can form strong solution in lithium battery, which can enhance the zoom as well as cycle efficiency.

Great wettability:

Nanometer alumina powder has excellent liquid absorption as well as fluid retention ability.

One-of-a-kind self-turn-off characteristics:

The closed-cell characteristic of polyolefin diaphragm is preserved to stay clear of safety and security dangers triggered by thermal runaway.

Reduced self-discharge price:

The alumina finish enhances the curvature of micropores as well as the self-discharge is less than that of the typical diaphragm.

Lengthy cycle life: reduce the mechanical micro-short circuit in the cycle procedure as well as successfully enhance the cycle life.

Aluminum oxide Price

The price is influenced by many variables consisting of the supply and demand on the market, industry trends, economic task, market sentiment, and also unforeseen occasions.

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