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Which machining industries are suitable use for small machining centers?

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Which cnc machining industries are suitable for small machining centers? The following occupations are suitable for machining with small machining centers!

(1) Box parts generally refer to parts with more than one hole system, a cavity inside, and a certain share in the length, width, and height directions. Such parts are more commonly used in machine tools, cars, and aircraft machining. Generally choose small horizontal boring and milling machining center. When there are few machining stations and the span is not large, a vertical machining center can be selected to process from one end.
(2) Messy surfaces occupy a particularly important position in the machinery manufacturing industry, especially in the aerospace industry. Such as: various impellers, wind guide wheels, spherical surfaces, various curved forming dies, propellers and thrusters of underwater vehicles, and some other shapes of free curved surfaces. These parts can be processed in small machining centers. The following are typical:

① Cams and cam arrangements are the basic elements for the storage and transmission of mechanical information. They are widely used in various active machines. These parts have a variety of curved disk cams, cylindrical cams, conical cams, barrel cams, and end faces. Cam etc. Cnc Machining this kind of parts can choose three-axis, four-axis linkage or five-axis linkage machining center according to the degree of chaos of the cam.
②Integral impellers and other parts are commonly used in compressors for aero engines, expanders for oxygen equipment, single screw air compressors, etc. For such profiles, a machining center with more than four axes can be used to complete the process.
③ Molds such as injection molds, rubber molds, vacuum forming plastic molds, refrigerator foam molds, pressure casting molds, precision casting molds, etc. The machining center is used to process the molds. Because of the high concentration of processes, the finishing of key components such as moving molds and static molds basically completes all machining contents in a single device, which can reduce cumulative errors in scale and reduce the amount of repair work. Together, the mold is highly replicable and interchangeable. The amount of machining residue left to the fitter is small. Wherever the tool is accessible, it is finished by machining as much as possible, so that the work of the mold fitter is primarily polishing.
④The spherical surface can be milled by machining center. For three-axis milling, only ball-end milling cutters can be used for forced advancing machining, and the power is low. For five-axis milling, end milling cutters can be used as envelope surfaces to force the spherical surfaces. When cnc machining a messy surface with a machining center, the programming workload is large, and active programming technology is required.

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