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What is a Vacuum laminator machine and its working principle

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The Vacuum laminator machine is a piece of familiar equipment for people who are working in the mobile phone repair industry. But It is not that known by the people who are not in the mobile phone repair industry, or those who have just stepped into this industry, after all, it is not a popular device. So, today let us take a look at what is a Vacuum laminator machine.
What is a Vacuum laminator machine?
The Vacuum laminator machine is a mobile phone screen repairing device that evolved with the development of the smartphone screen. Nowadays, there are more and more large-screen smartphones, and the Vacuum laminator machine is indispensable for the replacement of the outer screen glass of the large-screen smartphones, and it plays a key role in the entire screen glass replacement process. The quality of a Vacuum laminator machine will directly affect the quality of the mobile phone screen.
Working principle of Vacuum laminator machine
The Vacuum laminator machine is to press the LCD screen of the mobile phone in a vacuum environment of a certain value by an external force, and give a certain temperature during the pressing process, and complete the screen pressing operation within a specified time. The operation of the Vacuum laminator machine requires the assistance of two other pieces of equipment to complete a series of operating procedures.
Its startup requires vacuum pumping and air supply from the air compressor to make the cylinder run to ensure the normal operation of the Vacuum laminator machine.
Tips for Vacuum laminator machine to avoid bubbles:
1. Use a precision Vacuum laminator machine, and replace the laminating production process with a clean room with high-grade cleanliness.
2. Adjust the pressure, speed, and angle of the Vacuum laminator machine, and the optical glue explosion-proof film cutting and punching process are all placed vertically.
3. Machine rolling. Pay attention to the flatness of PC (PMMA).
4. Adopt the method of heating while laminating, at the same time with the defoaming treatment of heating and pressurizing.
The vacuum laminating machine supplier
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