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Guinness World Records for the bearing industry

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Let's take a look at those world records about bearings today

The world's smallest steel ball bearing

In Tokyo, Japan, Minebea Co., Ltd. announced that its steel balls had been awarded the Guinness World Record title for the lowest commercial steel ball bearing, with an outer diameter of only 1.4978 mm.

Minebea has been trying to prove its ability to produce the smallest mass-produced bearings. In 2009. it successfully broke the barrier of 2mm steel ball bearings and also paved the way for this ultra-small ball bearing.

The record bearing size is 1.5 mm outer diameter, 0.5 mm inner diameter, and six steel balls in a length of 0.65 mm wide. Its compactness and accuracy comply with JIS codes.

Japanese company Minebea Mitsumi uses what is known as the "smallest commercial steel ball bearing" to make the world's smallest fingertip gyro. Fingertip spinning top is one of the most popular decompression toys. This fingertip top is the same size as your fingernails and has the same function as other fingertip tops, but you may need a pair of tweezers to pick it up.

Japan's miniature bearings set Guinness world record for most extended rotation

The mini-bearing Real Spin Ms' jointly developed by Minebea Japan and Mitsubishi Precision Corporation has set the Guinness longest rotation world record for miniature bearings. The paper identified a value of 24 minutes, 46.34 seconds. Mitsubishi Precision Corporation is an enterprise engaged in the development and manufacture of aerospace equipment. It has a history of more than 50 years in the development and production of aerospace equipment. Its products relate to the development and production of satellite attitude control equipment, rocket-borne equipment, airborne electronic equipment, and various simulators. Wait.

Largest turntable bearing

On December 22. 2010. Luoyang Xinqianglian Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd. designed and produced a 350-ton self-propelled floating crane internal-gear large-scale slewing bearing for the user. It has an outer diameter of 6.6 meters and weighs 19.5 tons. The oversized turntable bearing with independent intellectual property rights was born in Xinqianglian, which is the largest size and weight slewing bearing produced so far.

The world's most considerable tonnage bearing

In the manufacture of large bearings, the Waxing Group has wholly relied on its technical strength and manufacturing capabilities to achieve a breakthrough. It has taken the lead in mastering the core technology of oversized bearings in the bearing industry, creating the first in 12 countries.

China's most significant, most massive and highest precision bearing

On October 29. 2017. China's most significant, most massive and tallest precision split large-size turntable bearing was taken off the production line in Luosha and passed the certification of the classification society.

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