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Do You Know that Car LEDs Also Have Cooling Fans

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The structure of the cooling fan is much more complicated than people think. In addition to the fan frame, impeller, and other parts, the bearing also plays a vital role. In daily life, the application of a cooling fan is far more extensive than people know, including LED lights of cars.


The LED light is a common cold light source with low color temperature. Therefore, as people do, LED light has low heat output. But even so, because of the reduced heat dissipation of LED lights, the cooling fan is also crucial for LED lights, especially in large machinery such as automobiles.
Even the 3-5w LED of flashlight has a heat sink for long-term stable operation. In the work of LED, only about 25% of the electricity is converted into light energy, and the rest is converted into heat and dissipated. LED is particularly sensitive to temperature, and thermal energy affects the performance of LED. If the heat can not be dispersed in time, it will first lead to light attenuation and brightness decline.
When the ambient temperature is 25 ℃, the LED light intensity will decrease by 1% for every one ℃ increase. With the LED temperature rising, the LED structure will be irreversibly damaged, resulting in the LED open circuit, burning. In this case, a 30-50w LED lamp, about 22-38w of electricity into heat, the LED light is equivalent to a 22w-38w electric heater. Although power is not high, the weather can not be emitted; it will also cause serious consequences.
Therefore, the application of a cooling fan in an automobile LED lamp is far more important than people think. Eric Bearing Co., Ltd. is committed to providing the best bearings for our customers, including the ball bearings, which are of considerable significance to the cooling fan. High quality and low price, welcome to inquire.

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