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Coronavirus: Some Things You Need To Pay Attention

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As everyone knows, because of the new coronavirus epidemic, masks have become the most scarce product, which can be said to be challenging to find.
So, what should we pay attention to about masks?
You may already be seeing people wearing them in countries, but there is very little evidence that they can work.
That's because they are usually not so tight, they can't cover the eyes, and they can't be worn for a long time.
If dependable protection is to be provided, the masks worn must be changed frequently (because they sweat).
To better protect yourself, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated:
Cover mouth and nose with tissue or elbows when sneezing
Put paper towels directly into a closed trash can
Wash your hands afterward, and then often wash your hands with soap or disinfectant
Keep away from people who cough and sneeze (at least one meter)
Since masks are so scarce, mass production of covers has become the most important task at present. It is also essential to produce bearings for mask equipment. With development of science and technology, such machinery and equipment continue to improve and change rapidly. The bearings are also new. Most of the conveyor belts are spherical bearings. They are easy to install, beautiful, and easy to replace. They are popular with users. At the same time, they also have articulated bearings, one-way bearings, guide bearings, needle roller bearings, BOPP, PVC pull. High-temperature bearings in drying boxes of film stretching equipment.
Besides, you need to pay attention of personal hygiene and wash your hands frequently, because there are no specific drugs or vaccines against this new virus, and antibiotics do not work (because they can resist bacteria). There are treatment options, but most people get better on their own.
Scientists are working to develop the vaccine, but this must first be tested in trials so that preparation will take time.

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