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Beryllium Bronze Precision Capillary Tube Machining Method

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With the improvement of domestic industry's intelligent and intelligent manufacturing, the performance requirements of raw materials in various industries are becoming higher and higher, and more and more special copper alloys are used in electronics, microelectronics, semiconductors, and automobiles, especially electronics In the microelectronics industry, the comprehensive performance requirements for the precision, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, use resistance, and high temperature resistance of beryllium bronze precision capillary tubes are getting higher and higher.
  Copper pipe is divided into extruded pipe, drawn pipe, welded pipe, hose and semi-rigid pipe according to production method and performance. Copper pipes can be copper pipes, brass pipes, beryllium copper pipes, white copper pipes according to the alloy composition. Finally, it can be divided into condenser tubes, air-conditioning tubes, radiator tubes, waveguides, oxygen generator tubes, aerospace tubes, antenna tubes, etc. according to the purpose.
1. The technical requirements for the machining of beryllium bronze small tubes are as follows (raw materials):
1. The machining of the beryllium copper tube is carried out according to the design drawing, and the shape and size should meet the design requirements.
2. The diameter change at the fracture should be within 1% of the standard diameter of the copper pipe, and no burrs or burrs are allowed at the fracture.
3. The beryllium copper pipe should be degreased, decontaminated, without copper shavings, and the internal and external surfaces should be smooth and clean.
Second, the machining method of beryllium bronze tube is as follows (Working At China CNC Machining Shop):
1. Precision truncation of beryllium copper precision small tubes.
2. Grinding the cut end face of beryllium copper precision small tubes.
3. Flare and close the beryllium copper precision small tube.
 4. Bending and forming of beryllium copper precision small tubes.
5. Machining the side of the beryllium copper precision small tube.
6. Welding, assembling and polishing of beryllium copper precision small tubes.
7. Graded compression and expansion machining of beryllium copper precision small tubes.
8. Multi-station stretch forming products for beryllium copper tubular products.
Third, machining copper tube and deburring equipment and operating requirements
 1. Tools: pipe cutter, effective ruler, positioning block according to the size and pipe diameter required by the drawing, use the straight length to take the corresponding length, and place the positioning block.
2. After the copper pipe is positioned and fixed, remove it with a cutter to ensure that the cut is flush and not deformed.
3. During operation, gloves are not allowed, but deburring can be performed with gloves to prevent wool from entering the copper pipe.
4. During the cutting process, the copper pipe is fed evenly to ensure smooth nozzle.
5. When the pipe diameter is less than (equal to) Φ12mm, multiple (no more than 10) can be unloaded together; when the pipe diameter is larger than Φ12mm, or the copper pipe with a length less than 60mm, it must be cut separately.
6. After cutting, the port must be deburred. The size of the inverter should be adjusted according to different pipe diameters to control the machine speed.

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