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Application Of CNC Machining Center In Mold Manufacturing

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Use of CNC machining center in mold making
The high precision of mold making, the chaotic nature of the shape, the single piece and variability of the product all provide an excellent place for the widespread use of CNC machining in mold making. It can be said that mold parts are most suitable for CNC machining.
1. The CNC machining center is very suitable for the short cycle and multi-change machining requirements of mold making
The CNC machining center has a short preparation time for production and has a strong adaptability to the randomness of product replacement. It is only necessary to prepare a machining program in advance, and it is very convenient to change the workpiece on the machine tool.
2. The need for high-precision machining of NC machining suitable molds with chaotic shapes
The high precision cnc machining characteristics of CNC machine tools are very suitable for the needs of high-precision machining of mold parts. Coupled with the multi-axis interpolation function of CNC machine tools, it can perfuse the finishing requirements of almost all cluttered spatial surfaces.
3. Duality characteristics of NC machining suitable mold cavity
The symmetry of the mold cavity and the duality of the concave and convex molds are very suitable for numerical control machining. The machining process of the convex and concave molds of a pair of molds and their corresponding mold base templates. A curved processing program can be used on CNC machine tools. At the end, the internal and external processing transformation is very convenient and convenient. The adjustment of the convex and concave die clearance is very simple, which saves the auxiliary time and production preparation time of the big child.

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